Always Available

The staff is available 24/7 and will work on any problems we have at any time of the day or night. Vector’s team of experts take personal care of us and our company unlike other IT firms I’ve dealt with in the past. One of the biggest benefits with Vector Choice is not having to deal directly with other technology vendors and the many down times. Vector Choice serves as our point of contact, allowing us to take care of our patients.

Patty Azar Menders Inc.

VIP Service

Vector Choice’s Management system allows them to quickly remote into any of our machines and solve issues. They are the very best at what they do and they continue to get better. They respect our company’s time by always focusing on exactly what needs to be done and what is best for the company.

Nick Nicholson Harley Davidson

Vector Choice Is The Type Of Company I Want To Do Business With

Vector Choice is the type of company I want to do business with. One experience I had this week is an email problem in which I followed the process and put a ticket in the portal. I am not patient, but quickly Jeremy sent me a text and asked when we could talk? Wow, I hit the JACKPOT! Just what I needed, a one on one to make sure my problem would go away and get a clear understanding of everything.

He took the time to explain why it happened in the first place. He did not have to take the extra time to go out of his way, but he did, and I will never forget it as it speaks volumes about the type of company Vector Choice is.

Vector Choice brings a lot to the table. Other companies can be limited in the services they offer along with a slow response time to service requests, which was one of my main concerns in the beginning. After my call with Jeremy this week concerning my email issues that put an end to that concern. Now I am very comfortable knowing that our company has the support it needs and can trust. Everyone on the team is very knowledgeable and the service they give is beyond any other company I have experienced.

Recently I was tasked to find and hire an IT company fast and oversee the implementation of new servers and oversee the entire project. I knew very little about this process much less what to look for in an IT company. But instead of panicking, I began to talk to a few people I know and do some research. As I made my inquiries, all roads kept leading to Vector Choice.

I knew once I met with Will that this was the right decision. No high pressure, no techy talk, he offered easy-to-understand solutions that made it easy for me to say “When can we get started?” I have to say he made me look like a hero and like I knew what I was doing! Thanks, Will!

I am so glad I made that call, as we are going to be a long-time customer of Vector Choice. If you are looking for that Special Company, Vector Choice is it! I assure you!

Blonnie Cox Operations Director/COO
Blinds By Noon

Tailored To Your Needs

The Vector Choice difference is clear. They provide a high level of support but focus on tailoring the program to ITR’s specific, unique needs now and building for our future growth.

ITR has been very pleased upgrading to our Cloud-based phone system. The phone system’s convenience and great features have been enhanced by the excellent installation and support of the Vector Choice team. ITR no longer worries about losing its vital link to its customers and vendors due to any localized phone line failure! Since Service is the key to our business, having continuity in responding to our customer needs is essential.

Vector Choice has a proven track record and has been engineered to provide the highest level of IT support to its clients. You are not a number with Vector Choice! They become a valued partner in enhancing our ability to deploy the latest technology to insure our marketplace competitiveness.

Mike Givens ITR Parking Solutions

Peace of Mind with Vector Choice Security

Without a doubt the single biggest benefit to Fastax since moving to Vector’s management services is Peace of Mind. We really care about the security of our customer's private information. Many of our customers are also our friends so employing a good security network goes way past compliance. We did it because it was the right thing to do. Vector Choice is proving they do more than just sell the product. They have proven that they are a very responsive organization with real people responding to real issues.

A lot of companies can offer security and make a whole bunch of promises but Vector Choice has proven they provide excellent customer service after the sale. Nowadays, that says a lot.

Marche George Fastax

You DEFINITELY Get Your Money’s Worth

We choose to work with the Vector Choice team because they consistently deliver rapid response. Before working with Will and his team, it would take multiple calls to resolve our IT issues. Now we can count on issues being resolved the first time we call in, within a matter of minutes.

Vector Choice is a great company to partner with due to their friendly, helpful staff and their fast service; you can’t go wrong in selecting Vector Choice to support your network.

Larry Asher Fleet & Purchasing Manager
Giant Development Inc.

I Can Concentrate On My Business, Not My IT

I hire an IT firm to BE my IT department. They know more than me the best practices to protect my system and my data. I outsource this worry and issue to Vector Choice and let them worry about that type of issue........then I can concentrate on my business and not my IT setup.

Steve Garner CFO
Remington Medical

They Always Get The Job Done Right

Vector Choice has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic by its employees and dedication to improve our information systems. Additionally, after evaluating our current IT Spend, they were able to make recommendations that will save our Company $1 Million over the next 5 years, even with the recent upgrade.

The CEO of the company, Will Nobles, is a professional who is respected through his integrity and desire to conquer new challenges. Both he and his employees consistently follow through to ensure that the job gets done right. Vector Choice’s employees provide a personal touch; acting more like employees of our Company rather than just another vendor.

Greg Cassimus Practice Administrator
Radiology Associates of Macon, P.C.

Crazy Not To Switch

The vital function of our Department within our community demands a reliable support and infrastructure. The readily available and knowledgeable support from Vector Choice has enabled our Fire Department to support the community’s needs better and faster than ever before.

Any company that requires consistent and dependable support would be crazy not to give Vector Choice a try!


David Sawyer West New Bern Fire Department