My Vector Tech - Now servicing your Residential and Home Business IT needs in Metro Atlanta and Eastern North Carolina! 

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My Vector Tech offers expert support for your residential computer needs! By providing business grade proactive support to your home environment we are able to reduce many common issues and security flaws that you may encounter. Common home problems that we support and help to eliminate include virus removal, error resolution, re-installation or upgrades to your operating system, and many more. If you are unsure if we can help gives us a call at (877) 404-4140 or send us an email at

Services Silver Gold Platinum
24x7x365 monitoring & alerting
Managed Windows Updates (white listed)
Patch Management for third party updates – Adobe, Apple, Mozilla, Oracle Java, Google Chrome
Enterprise Anti-Virus Software
Enterprise Anti-Malware Software
Enterprise Anti-Ransomware Software
Online Backup - Bare Metal and File Level Backup
Disk Cleanup and Defragmentation
Provide, configure and maintain in-scope devices using monitoring agent
Provide, configure and integrate operating system specific agents
Provide ticketing and dashboard/web portal for monitoring results
Scheduling of preventative maintenance
Scripting for automated software deployment
Monthly Health Report
Unlimited Remote Support and troubleshooting during business hours on one device and peripherals
Content Filtering
Includes Microsoft Office Apps
Includes 1 (Email) Exchange Hosting and SPAM Filtering

Starting As LOW As!

$25/month per device $60/month per device $83/month per device

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard or Discover

Notes: *
Online Backup Includes: Vector provided daily Bare Metal, File Level and Application Level backups for workstations with 250 GB and 28-day retention
Peripherals Includes: Modem, Router, WiFi Extender, Firewall, Switch, Wireless, Printer, Smart Phone (email support only) , Tablet (email support only)
Office Apps Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher
Business Hours Day/Time (EST)
Normal Business Hours Monday - Friday 8am-5pm
After Hours Monday - Friday 5:01pm-9pm
Saturdays 8am-5pm
Closed Sunday & Vector Designated Holidays
Residential Support Levels Monthly Semi-Annual Annual
Silver $30.00 $168.00 $300.00
Gold $65.00 $378.00 $720.00
Platinum $100.00 $550.00 $995.00

Mobile Device Manager

 $7.50/per device

$40.00/per device

$70.00/per device

Add Ons
50GB additional storage  $5.00 per month
Content Filtering  $5.00 per device per month



Business Hours Support

$25 minimum

$95.00 per issue

After Hours

$50 minimum

$150 per issue

Onsite (select Cities only) on top of per issue charge

trip fee (per trip)


one per issue

business hours (per hour)


one hour min

afterhours/ Saturday (per hour)


one hour min

A La Carte

(options for supported & non supported customers)

Computer Cleanup $160.00
Computer Crash & New Setup $250.00
New Computer Setup $150.00
One off Calls (unsupported customers only) $50/hr (Simple) $125/hr (Normal)
Windows Computer Password Crack $100.00
Vector Software Install Only no charge
Proprietary Support Services $100/hr
Web Design/Host/Security $250/per month
Pickup and Delivery $50

Service Desk Severity Rankings And Response Times

Problem Level Initial Response Time Escalation Description Expected Time to Resolution
Critical (Business Hours) 2 Hours 3 Hours multiple technology failures Determined by the nature of the event
Normal (Business Hours) 8 Hours / Next Business Day 9 Hours The problem inhibits the customer’s ability to be fully functional. 5 Business Days
Low (Business Hours) 4 Business Days 5 Business Days The problem is routine, possibly even just an inquiry with no loss of computing function. 72 Business Hours
Onsite 3 to 5 Business Days 5 Days if issue is unable to be resolved remotely in select cities only 10 Business Days

***Note: Response time means that the “issue” reporter will be called or emailed back to confirm the problem is being worked on and possibly to discuss the issue further.

Functional Escalations

As outlined in the Service Desk Severity Rankings and Response Times chart above, Vector Choice’s service desk team will escalate any unresolved issue(s) to our Operations team within the time allotted for that severity level. Some issues could take longer than the expected time of solutions listed above based on several factors.

Hierarchical Escalations

If you have questions or concerns about the operation of the service desk, wish to compliment the team, or simply require more information about an incident; please contact your Quality Service Manager at 877-827-6787.

Service Level Agreement

All managed components must meet the acceptance criteria.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the administration of mobile smart devices such as smart phones or tablets, which allows businesses or individuals to control the content on the device as well as access to the device.  It allows for automation of certain settings, content filtering and restrictions for downloading applications, password enforcement, and location tracking, among other capabilities.

  • Remotely Wipe lost devices
  • Track device location via GPS
  • Standardize configuration for fast and easy provisioning
  • Enforce Security Protocols
  • Track & report on mobile assets
  • Managed Device Warranty
  • Restrictions of application installs based on age-appropriate rating system

Content filtering is the act of enforcing restrictions on workstations or laptops, denying access content that is inappropriate or unwanted.

  • Internet Control – Block access to web pages based on categories (ie. Games, Hacking, Illegal, Mature Content, Scams, etc…).  This can be done permanently or scheduled to allow access
  • Application Control – Schedule or block access to certain applications installed on a workstation or laptop.
  • Data Protection - Data Protection prevents users from accidentally or maliciously revealing specific confidential information by scanning outgoing email messages (SMTP) and web (HTTP) traffic to block pre-defined text strings from being sent.  This can include names, credit card numbers, names of products or technologies still under development, contact information for company executives, or similar information.

Q: How to Contact Support?

A: Go to the top of the webpage and click on “Support Center” then once on the page either call the “Residential/ Home Business” phone line of fill in the request form to create a ticket.

Q: What onsite cities do we serve?

A: Metro Atlanta & Eastern North Carolina

These Terms & Conditions constitute a legally binding contract between you, hereunder known collectively as the “Customer” or “you”, and Vector Choice Technology Solutions doing business as My Vector Tech, hereunder known as Vector. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By clicking “accept” or using Vector’s services in any way, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

  1. AUTOPAY. By enrolling and inputting your credit card information, you represent and warrant that you are the person whose name appears on the credit card, that you are authorized to use the credit card, that you have a sufficient unused credit limit to cover any charges that may be made, that the information you provide is correct, and that you will notify us of any changes in the above. All charges will be based on the plan and term that you have selected. By entering your credit card information you are authorizing Vector to charge your card for the agreed upon amount for the term of this engagement. Vector accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards.
  2. UNABLE TO PROCESS PAYMENT. Should a payment be returned or declined, Vector will charge the client a $25.00 rejected transaction fee.
  3. PLAN UPGRADES. Customers may upgrade their plans at any time. Customers must contact the Vector Accounting department to upgrade or add-on to a service. The Vector Accounting department will prorate your payment based on the remaining term and type of payment you have selected.
  4. PLAN DOWNGRADES. Plans will not be downgraded during a term. Plans may be downgraded with a thirty (30) day notice prior to term end date.
  5. LICENSES. Customer is required to maintain active and legal licenses on all devices supported by Vector. Vector will only support software and devices that have not reached end of life with their manufacturer.
  6. SUPPORT REQUESTS. Any support requests that fall outside of the Customer’s support plan will be billed in accordance with the prices listed at Customers will pay for additional support before any support is performed.
  7. SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT (SLA). The Residential Standard Service Level Agreement is available on the My Vector Tech website. The SLA provides the response times that the Customer can expect from Vector regarding an issue. Vector will determine the problem level based on the nature of the event.
  8. TERM. These Terms & Conditions shall commence on the date of registration, also known as the Effective Date, and shall continue and be enforceable for a term of twelve (12) months. All Terms will automatically renew for an additional Term unless Customer provides a thirty (30) day notice prior to the Term end date.
  9. TERMINATION. A Customer may terminate services by providing a cancellation notice to Vector Accounting, at, at least thirty (30) days prior to Term end date.
  10. INVOICES/STATEMENTS. Vector does not provide invoices or statements unless requested.
  11. ILLEGAL CONTENT DISCOVERY. In the event a Vector Tech or employee comes across illegal activity of any kind it will be reported to the proper authorities.