As of July 14, 2015, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 reached its official end of life. Maintaining a reliable industry stronghold for more than a decade, Windows Server 2003 will no longer be supported by Microsoft.


As a final tribute to the dependable Operating System, a British data recovery company teamed up with a local space technology organization to propel a Windows Server 2003 disk into space. Attached to a weather balloon, the disk climbed to an estimated 100,000 feet before bursting and falling back to Earth. The action camera attached to the balloon took pictures which clearly capture the curvature of the Earth. Quite a send-off for this well-respected tool.


Footage from Action Camera: Thanks to Databarracks and Surrey's Electronics and Amateur Radio Society

What are the Risks

Any security or compatibility issues occurring after July 14 will not be addressed. By keeping your business running on the old system, you are taking a potentially expensive and unnecessary risk. Whenever Microsoft declares end of life for one of their software products, there's a natural tendency for users to resist the transfer to new, supported software.
Businesses never want to spend the money and time buying, testing, and deploying new servers when the servers they are currently using still work. But this "non-strategy" will most likely prove costly, especially for any company required to maintain secure information and/or any type of compliance.
Companies capturing private identification data have a particular responsibility to take every precaution to protect that data. Running an unsupported operating system will be your total downfall in a lawsuit for breach of security.

Microsoft will continue to support servers running Windows 2003 for a hefty $600 a month. This will help you buy some time to complete the migration to a new operating system or cloud solution, but it’s only a temporary fix. Full transition to a new system is the goal to help you maintain the highest levels of support and security.

Vapor Services Can Help

Whether you run a small business, a mid-sized company, or a major corporation with multiple locations, you need the right technology to be productive and secure. Vapor Services provides IT support to help you keep pace with the latest technology and keep it running smoothly.

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